Options for Sleep Apnea treatment

Oral Appliance Therapies

An oral appliance fits over your teeth like an orthodontic retainer while you sleep and supports your jaw in a forward position to keep your airway open. Indicated for Primary Snoring, UARS, mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Secondary treatment for severe OSA and intolerant and/or noncompliant to the first line of treatment of CPAP … Read more


is proud to offer cutting edge technology to overcome the limitations of current procedures needed to appropriately choose and fit a CPAP mask. MaskFit AR is the next-generation mobile app platform than empowers AI technology to scan the face and collect measurements in order to find the best CPAP mask that will give a better … Read more

PAP Therapies

Gold standard for all types of Sleep Apnea A CPAP device provides continuous air pressure through the nasal passage during the nigh to ensure that your airway remains open so that you can breathe without interruptions. Pro Improved sleep quality Lower risk of heart attack and stroke. Reduction in daytime sleepiness. Possible improved sugar control … Read more