Comprehensive Sleep Solutions
Rehab MD offers comprehensive sleep solutions from screening through diagnosis and treatment plan to reach the full potential of sound sleep for each and every patient. We offer cutting edge technologies in terms of testing and treatment.

Process Timeline: 10-14-Days


Screening/ order sleep test

Complete and fax the Home Sleep Study Order Form


Mail Delivery:

Rehab MD will verify benefits coverage and contact the patient to schedule delivery of the home sleep test device


Home Sleep Study:

Patient receives the device and completes 2 nights home sleep study. Rehab MD will contact the patient on the night of the study to provide education on use


Device Return:

Patient returns the device via prepaid /pre-addressed mailer.



Patient will be contacted via telemedicine about sleep study results and treatment modalities.


Treatment and Compliance:

Treatment initiated based on patient / physician recommendation
Compliance tracking (cloud based, surveys)