Testing – WatchPat

Now you can skip the sleep lab discomfort and expense and get tested in the comfort and safety of your own home! Rehab MD is proud of offer the Itamar WatchPAT testing technology to bring you the most comfortable and accurate testing experience ever. WatchPAT™ is the most advanced testing kit available on the market. Monitoring 7 different signals (PAT signal, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, actigraphy, snoring, body position, and chest motion) WatchPAT™ delivers the most accurate results in short time. Unlike many home sleep testing kits on the market, WatchPAT does not require the use of nasal cannulas or tight chest straps. It is worn much like a traditional wrist watch.

  • Physician Supervised
  • FDA Cleared PAT™ technology
  • Meets all DOT and FAA testing standards
  • Zero Risk Of Infection
  • Cloud-based platform with results in seconds.

If you suffer from heart failure, COPD, or neuromuscular disorders it is recommended that you consult a sleep physician about testing done in a lab setting.

WatchPat 300
WatchPat One